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Your child, your schools, our future: building a 21st century schools system

Every parent wants their
child to go to a great school,
and every young person
deserves a great education.
That is why improving
school standards is one of
the proudest achievements
of this Government. Many more young people
leave primary school secure in the basics, achieve
good qualifications in secondary school, and stay
on in education and training than a decade ago.
Because we have made really significant progress
over the last 12 years, and because we have
prioritised investment in education, we can now
aim even higher. My ambition is for this country to
have the best school system in the world.
We want every child to succeed, and we will never
give up on any child. These convictions underpin
our Children’s Plan vision to make this the best
place in the world to grow up, and all of the
proposals in this White Paper. Ensuring every child
enjoys their childhood, does well at school and
turns 18 with the knowledge, skills and
qualifications that will give them the best chance
of success in adult life is not only right for each
individual child and family, it is also what we must
do to secure the future success of our country and