Buyer Section

Honda / TATA only
Category:   Vegetable Vendor
City:   Gurugram

Description: Urgent need of Sedan Car.<br /> 2-3 years old <br /> Budget 5-7 L...

Need Cycle for Maid / Servant
Category:   Milk & Daily essentials
City:   Gurugram

Description: If anyone has a Cycle ladies/gents which is not used, Our Maid / Servant needs one. ...

Pest Cleaning Agency
Category:   Pet Services
City:   M-Bloack

Description: We need an agency of repute to work on pest cleaning. The Agency should guarantee for zero pest infection...

Chimney Cleaning Agency
Category:   General Clinic (ENT)
City:   Gurugram

Description: Need a Service Provider to clean Chimney...

Need a Maths Tutor for 8th class
Category:   Office Supplies & Consumables
City:   Gurugram

Description: Need evening tutor for Class 8th...

3 BHK- Immediate Basis
Category:   Doctor
City:   Gurugram

Description: Col. Sood is looking for a new home on Rent of 3BHK, He is already residing in LBlock. <br />Any one who is willing to rent out Please Contact Col.Sood ASAP.<br />They have a Budget of 50-55K. <br />Interested parties please send email to