OUR VALUES (These represent who we are and why we do what we do)

  1. Passion: We are passionate about DLF2 and will strive to make it a better place.
  2. Determined: We are determined that the special character of DLF2 be maintained and enhanced.
  3. Neutrality: We aim to serve and help the community in a voluntary non party political way
  4. Integrity: We pledge that all activities for betterment of DLF2 be conducted with utmost fairness and transparency.
  5. Camaraderie: We want to live in Vibrant, Livable, healthy, Supportive and socially connected Neighborhood.
  6. Openness: We will be open and approachable to all residents with equality.

MISSION STATEMENT (These represent what we do)

  1. RWA facilitates Residents in making the right connections to resolve issues (involving Planning, Transport, Roads, Security, safety, water, electricity, Health and Wellbeing, unauthorized commercialization, Caring for Animals, Crime reduction, Education, social events and our Environment)
  2. RWA reaches out to Residents through several vehicles (in person, Website, Mobile App, social media, sub committees & Newsletters)
  3. RWA represents of all residents, Senior citizens, children and adults of all ages

VISION STATEMENT (These represent our long term vision of our future)

  1. To connect with all Residents in DLF2
  2. To be the voice of all residents without any biases
  3. To understand all Residents' needs through regular engagement & Digital Medium with our members and other community groups
  4. To enhance the relationship between RWA and local government bodies. To ensure we maximize their contribution towards DLF2.