Code Of Ethics

Values & Beliefs

a. Ethics and business are interrelated. Values are the bedrock of discipline in any organization.
b. These moral compasses indicate the direction which the edifice is likely to take in future.
c. Ethics could be followed either out of fear or out of natural commitment.
d. Therefore, essential that an organization which is looking deep into the future, the values & beliefs should get ingrained right from the beginning.

Building an Ethical Climate

a. Actions and behavior of the strategic leadership and the way they deal with ethical issues sets the tone for organizational values.
b. It is thus essential that we lay down explicit ‘ethics policies’. Laying down of Ethical codes is useful to enable this.
c. Increase awareness of how to apply those ethical codes. Training on dealing with events/ situations with an ethical dimension and how to anticipate such situations that involve ethical choices, go a long way toward institutionalizing ethical practices.
d. We thereafter need to expand ethics within the info system to focus on areas where ethics may come into play. Knowing what may happen in the organization is essential to understand the ethical principles which govern behavior. Laying down policy on plagiarism / piracy & theft is one such field.
e. The info system should also support ethical behavior and allow the strategic leaders to know when or where potential exists for ethical breaches so that corrective actions could be taken.
f. Rewards and punishments are essential to instill org values. When unethical behavior is condoned or not punished, members assume it is forgiven by the leadership and that gradually turns into a new-normal.
g. Laying down rules for parallel membership.

Aspects relevant for leaders and decision makers

Values are important and related to vision
i. Strategic Vision:It is imperative that organizational vision is in consonance with organizational core values, which could be: integrity, trust, professionalism and teamwork. We have to internalize the organization's vision and thereby the values.
ii. Tactical Mission:We need to dwell on a mission, e.g. Manage Facilities better in the contemporary environment.
iii. Operational Purpose:Deliver exceptional value in respective fields.

Our Oath

As a leader I appreciate that my role is to lead people and manage resources to create value for my organization. I am aware that the growth of my enterprise is the sum-derivative of growth of each of us and that my decisions affect the individuals within and outside my enterprise. Therefore, I promise that:
 I will uphold the laws of the land and agreements which affect my conduct and that of my enterprise.
 I will manage my task with care and sensitivity and will not advance my own personal interests at the expense of the enterprise or society.
 I will curb unfair business practices and curtail corruption or undesirable competition.
 I will oppose discrimination and exploitation and protect dignity of all, irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion.
 I will protect the rights of future generations and look at improving their standards of living.
 I will report the performances and risks accurately and honestly.
 I will continue to develop me & my team and help the profession to advance and create sustainable and inclusive prosperity.
In exercising my professional duties in keeping with these values, I recognize that my behavior must set an example of loyalty, integrity and trust. I will remain accountable for my actions and for upholding these standards.
I take this oath freely, and upon my honor.